Sambucol Black Elderberry


Sambucol started with one scientist’s mission, and we’ve been focused on nothing but elderberry ever since. We’ve been perfecting our Sambucol formula over dozens of years so we can make the best products for you and your family.

We are the Original Elderberry Brand. Elderberry is our passion and your health is our mission. With so many great-tasting elderberry products to choose from, we’ve got you, your family, and your immune systems supported.*

Our story starts in the fields of Europe, where elder trees grow wild. Decades ago, a budding scientist set out to find the secret to the elderberry’s incredible health benefits and discovered a powerful extract that would one day become Sambucol.

Sambucol is where nature and science meet. It is the product of years of study and centuries-old folk traditions. Sambucol taps into the natural benefits of black elderberries—one of nature’s most incredible superfruits—and harnesses those powers for overall wellness.

Since our beginning, we have been on the same mission: to make powerful products inspired by nature and formulated for your health.

Sambucol starts with premium berries, but it doesn’t end there. Our entire cultivation process helps to ensure you get the best product.

We source our black elderberries from farms that have been growing them for generations. The berries are then harvested by hand at peak ripeness over a short harvest period.

We then use our proprietary extraction process to press the juice from the berries. This unique process helps to maintain freshness and potency, making Sambucol syrups closest to the whole fruit. Our syrups even meet the standards of strict European Fruit Juice Laws!

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