I and love and you


We’re an independent, employee-owned company—and we’re obsessed with our pets. We’ve been making natural food for dogs and cats approved by a holistic veterinarian since 2012. We team up with our pets to make food they would make for themselves...ya know, if they could.

Our pet-friendly office, based in Boulder, CO, houses a crew of talented folks (27) and their pets (35). We’re outnumbered and that’s fine by us.*

With a locally-led mindset, we’re a national pet food brand. You can find “I and love and you” on shelves at Target, Walmart, etc. More than 1.6M pets order off our menu every year—plus we've donated over 1.5M pet meals to charitable organizations all over the country. There's always another seat at our table.

We’re looking to collaborate, partner, connect, and recruit more pet-obsessed people to join our team. Follow us to keep up with “I and love and you” as we continue to grow and share the love with our pets, one lip-smacking bite at a time.

*As of August 2021

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