A&B Ingredients Launches New Natural Antioxidant to Replace TBHQ


THE LATEST STUDY SUPPORTS THE EFFECTIVENESS OF CYTOGUARD ZOX AT OXIDATION CONTROL IN SOYBEAN OIL Fairfield, NJ -- A&B Ingredients is excited to report a major breakthrough in replacing synthetic antioxidant TBHQ in vegetable oils with a natural, clean-label alternative. The new natural antioxidant is marketed under the name CytoGUARD ZOX. The antioxidant study results indicated CytoGUARD ZOX was highly effective at delaying the oxidation in soybean oil while demonstrating comparable performance to TBHQ. Study results suggest CytoGUARD ZOX is a promising alternative to TBHQ, meeting the needs of today's health-conscious consumers. Soybean oil is one of the most widely used edible oils in food manufacturing. It is used in a variety of packaged goods, baked goods, dressings, sauces, snacks, and fried foods. Soybean oil is also often used as a cooking oil. Preventing oxidation in vegetable oils helps food manufacturers ensure the high quality of their products and extend their shelf life. Gil Bakal, Managing Director at A&B Ingredients, explains, "If food manufacturers don't address oxidation in oils, it eventually leads to rancidity causing product loss and resulting in health risks for consumers. Synthetic antioxidants, like TBHQ, are used extensively in the vegetable oil industry to control oxidative rancidity. However, a growing number of consumers want to see natural ingredients on the product label, and TBHQ doesn't fit the requirement for clean-label, natural foods." CytoGUARD ZOX is the newest addition and latest innovation in A&B Ingredients' line of clean-label, natural antioxidants. CytoGUARD ZOX is a powerful antioxidant based on natural plant extracts of Mediterranean herbs and spices. It is part of the clean-label line of CytoGUARD food quality and shelf life extension solutions. CytoGUARD antioxidants can be used as a natural replacement for synthetic antioxidants in vegetable oils and foods prone to oxidation.
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