New 250ppm Vertical Spray Launch During Heightened Immune Demand


Nashville, TN – As consumer demand for immune supplements remain in double-digit growth, Natural Path Silver Wings has created a new vertical spray to its Colloidal Silver 250ppm enhanced strength product line. Developed by Dr. Mark Smith, ND, PhD and Liz Smith, RN, this stronger liquid formula requires fewer doses and is quickly absorbed. The naturally occurring silver has an unprecedented small particle size (1-3nm), non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen-free and is independent lab tested for safety and efficacy. This stronger 250ppm (parts per million) liquid formula naturally has an amber color. The higher the ppm, the darker the amber color. By comparison, weaker 10ppm formulas have a clear water appearance. Additionally, for nearly the same price, this newly launched Silver Wings 250ppm vertical spray is 25x stronger than 10ppm brands, hence requiring less dosages to consume making it more economical. “The convenient 1-oz vertical pump spray bottle is safe and easy to administer on the go anytime, anywhere” says Audra Dunleavy, MBA, Natural Path Silver Wings VP of Sales.
Natural Path Silver Wings3736Your walking the crowded expo. Your immune system is extra vulnerable- (especially now-a-days), so come over and get immune protection support. *** 20% SHOW DISCOUNT ***DOCTOR DEVELOPED – Also recommended and used by Doctors. STRONG & MOST EFFECTIVE IMMUNE SUPPORT- up to 50x stronger than other brands with only 10 PPM!  BETTER VALUE – Less doses needed = more economical SAFE & SUPERIOR ABSORPTION- Unparalleled small silver particle size. Made from naturally occurring elemental silver which has a true amber color.  It’s non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen-free earning the Parents’ Picks award for "Best Family Health & Safety Product."HIGHEST QUALITY / ULTRA PURITY- Pharmaceutical grade deionized pure water with ultra-fine (only 1-3 nanometers) pharmaceutical grade colloidal silver particles earning:  Moms Choice Award for "Best in Family-Friendly Products"Best Of Supplements Award 2020 & 2021 for "Best Immunity"Natural Choice Awards for "Best Immune Products" Delicious Living Beauty & Body Awards 2022 for "topical skin"INDEPENDENT LAB TESTED & VERIFIED- UL cGMP certified and FDA inspected. Qualified third-party laboratories verify PPM, silver particle size, stability, pH, etc.  VALIDATED- Backed by clinical, laboratory, university research and in-vitro studies. WORLD’S COLLOIDAL SILVER EXPERTS- The oldest family-owned and operated colloidal silver manufacturer in the U.S. (since 1994), The leading authority and the only comprehensive colloidal silver brand offering varying strengths, herbal blend formulas and an effective topical body care line.  GIVING BACK- Ongoing humanitarian outreach globally, nationally and locally including the Autism Hope Alliance.  Silver Wings’ record sales during the past 2 1/2 years still continue as global immune worries continue. Leverage consumer demand right here!