Not Your Momma's Lemonade!


Vernon, NJ, September 27, 2022: INNER LOVE, NJ-based specialty health foods company, is introducing their gut healthy foods and beverages at the 2022 Natural Products Expo. Attendees are invited to visit INNER LOVE at Booth #2542 to sample the New Lemonblueade Water Kefir, a healthy version of those other blue sports drinks that claim to be healthy. INNER LOVE invites guests to sample: raw, organic Activated Air-Dried Nuts in a variety of flavors; Lemonblueade water kefir; ferments, such as Traditional German Sauerkraut, Giardiniera, and Mickey B Kimchi; Maple Ginger Root Chews; Lemonblueade functional water kefir is made with real ingredients, no artificial sweeteners or colors, and is naturally bright blue due to E3Live® Blue Majik spirulina pigment extract powder, mineral rich, supplement! Lemonblueade has naturally occurring beneficial nutrients, B-vitamins, and acetic acids which make it a functional beverage supporting good gut-health and hydration. The brand is excited to educate and offer buyers healthy products that enlightened consumers are looking for. INNER LOVE is a business built by and for people passionate about healthy food practices and taking a stand in the new and evolving food system era. The brand will be educating guests on water kefir fermentation processes and benefits. INNER LOVE does the research so that consumers don’t have to. INNER LOVE products are vegan, gluten-free, nutritious and delicious. As a proud member of the Specialty Food Association, INNER LOVE creates food and beverage products that are handmade in small batches with the finest real organic ingredients that offer a unique, flavorful experience with nutrition at the forefront. The brand utilizes non-toxic preparation and packaging for all products to maximize the benefits to the body and to minimize their ecological footprint, an important stance enlightened consumers care about. For more information about INNER LOVE, please visit