Native Vanilla Expands their Distribution Network into Europe


Leading flavor company Native Vanilla is thrilled to announce its expanded distribution into Europe. In addition it will begin to sell its premium range of vanilla bean products to the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and France. “Setting up local Native Vanilla warehousing in Poland will enable us to meet the growing demands of European customers and also strengthen our presence in the market,” says COO Max Jentsch. “Native Vanilla will thereby achieve quicker product delivery, wider customer reach, improved logistic support and at the same time significantly reduce costs. We believe that this will put us in the position to provide exceptional customer service and give our European customers outstanding vanilla products that they love. Native Vanilla has their head office in Florida supplying top quality vanilla bean and flavor products to more than 10 countries worldwide. Contact Data Max Jentsch, COO Office: (256) 826-4552