PharmaCare US Ushers in Next Chapter with New Senior Leadership


DATELINE — PharmaCare US, premier maker of Sambucol Black Elderberry Advanced Immune products, announces the appointment of Javier Aste as new President of The Americas, and Jeff Dotzler as new Vice President of Sales for North America. Art Rowe-Cerveny, founding member of the company’s US division, will now lead as the Executive Vice President of Marketing for The Americas. PharmaCare US is looking forward to the next chapter of leadership and welcoming in two top executives with diverse backgrounds in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. Javier Aste brings a wealth of experience from his senior roles around the globe, most recently with Coty and Procter & Gamble. He prides himself on being a results-oriented senior leader, with a core focus on growing market share, sales, and profit. He will be ushering in the next chapter of growth and innovation at PharmaCare US. “Retailers and consumers are pushing for purposeful innovation. Our core brand, Sambucol, is primed for its next phase of growth. Product innovation will be central to our next chapter,” says Javier. Javier succeeds former PharmaCare US President Brad Olsen, who served as the Americas leader from 2013 before his retirement in April 2022. Jeff Dotzler joined the PharmaCare team on May 1, 2022, bringing his years of leadership experience from IRI, Crossmark, and most recently Coty’s Beauty Division. Jeff will finesse and bolster the PharmaCare go-to-market strategy to deliver new competitive advantages for the company. “PharmaCare is at an exciting stage in its history. I’m eager to create new sales opportunities to boost the company’s already impressive growth trajectory,” says Jeff. About PharmaCare US PharmaCare US is a subsidiary of PharmaCare Australia. Since our beginning in 2009, our focus has been on supporting the health and wellbeing of our communities. We develop targeted products that are grounded in science and traditional wisdoms to help improve our consumers’ quality of life. Our b
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